Ambient Temperature Paving

Ambient Temperature Paving: A Cost-Effective and Eco-Friendly Solution for Road Construction

Are you looking for a way to improve your road construction projects with less cost, less emissions, and less hassle? If so, you might want to consider ambient temperature paving, a process that uses recycled materials and Earthbind® products to create durable and smooth asphalt surfaces.



What is Ambient Temperature Paving?

Ambient temperature paving is a method of road construction that uses a pug mill mixer to blend recycled asphalt millings or type #2 base materials with Earthbind® EBS-RA, a biodegradable and non-toxic stabilizer. The resulting mixture is then paved and compacted using conventional equipment and methods.

The advantages of ambient temperature paving are:

  • It uses recycled materials that would otherwise go to waste, reducing the need for new aggregates and hot asphalt.
  • It reduces the emissions from trucking materials to and from distant facilities, as the pug mill mixer and crusher can be set up near the project site.
  • It produces asphalt that is ready to pave at ambient temperature, eliminating the need for heating and maintaining high temperatures during transport and paving.
  • It allows for faster return to traffic, as the asphalt sets quickly and does not require cooling.
  • It creates a solid matrix of aggregates that binds the fine particles and prevents water infiltration, improving the strength and durability of the pavement.

What is Ambient Temperature Paving?

The process of ambient temperature paving involves the following steps:

  • Grinding and stockpiling the asphalt millings from roads that are scheduled for repaving. The millings are then delivered to a track infield impact crusher that reduces them to the desired size. For example, one project in New Jersey asked for a 7/8” minus.
  • Mixing the crushed millings or type #2 base materials with Earthbind® EBS-RA in a pug mill mixer. The pug mill mixer can produce up to 300 tons per hour, depending on the paving crew’s capacity.
  • Paving and compacting the mixture using standard equipment and methods. The product temperature during paving was 77 degrees in the New Jersey project.
  • Opening the road to traffic as soon as the pavement is stable. The setting time depends on the ambient temperature, humidity, and traffic load.

Why Choose Earthbind® Products?

Earthbind® products are specially formulated stabilizers that enhance the performance of ambient temperature paving. They are:

  • Biodegradable and non-toxic, posing no harm to humans, animals, or plants.
  • Resistant to leaching by rain or snow, maintaining their effectiveness over time.
  • Compatible with various types of aggregates and soils, allowing for flexibility in material selection.
  • Easy to apply and store, requiring no special equipment or handling.

Earthbind® products have been used successfully in many countries around the world for 15 years for base stabilization and dust abatement. Global Stabilization is an exclusive distributor of Earthbind® products and can provide all services related to ambient temperature paving, including the rental of pug mills.

If you are interested in learning more about ambient temperature paving and how it can benefit your road construction projects, please contact us today. We would be happy to answer your questions and provide you with a free quote.