Ambient Temperature Paving

Ambient Temperature Paving Earthbind® EBS-RA is a zero VOC polymer modified asphalt emulsion.

Base stabilization, dust abatement, prime coat, fog seals and the manufacturing of recycled materials for Ambient Temperature Paving through a pug mill mixer.

Strength is gained in our ability to bind the -100’s and -200’s between the larger aggregates to complete a solid matrix in both asphalt millings and type #2 base materials.

This process is being utilized in five other states in the mountain regions as well as western states with excellent results.
Grinding and stockpiling the asphalt millings from their roads that are scheduled for repaving.

The materials are delivered to a track infield impact crusher with a return closed system to reduce to the desired size. This project asked for a 7/8” minus.

Global Stabilization provided the Earthbind® EBS-RA and the pug mill for their County personnel to process and pave.

The pug mill and track impact crusher is portable so it is easy to set up in the vicinity of the road development. This significantly reduces the emissions from trucking away from the project also the cost of purchasing and trucking new hot asphalt from distant facilities. The incoming trucks deliver the material for the crusher and pug mill to process and those same trucks can be returned to the field for Ambient Temperature Paving. This project product temperature was 77 degrees.

Paving and compaction methods are the same as hot asphalt with very minor adjustments.

Production is based on what the paving crew can pave per hour. This system can manufacture up to 300 tons per hour if needed.

Return to traffic is the same as hot asphalt and in some cases sooner.

Earthbind® Products have been used in many countries around the world with very positive results for 15 years for base stabilization and dust abatement.

Global Stabilization is an exclusive distributor of Earthbind® Products as well as we can perform all services including the rental of pug mills to customers.