Global Anti-Icing and De-Icer

Global-PPE an Anti-Icing Alternative

Earthbind® 100 is a quality, versatile and environmentally-friendly modified biopolymer dust control agent. Earthbind® 100 was developed to meet the need for a quality and environmentally-friendly product that can be safely stored and easily applied. Earthbind® 100 is applied to successfully combat fugitive dust and stabilize the road surface on many different types of unpaved, low-volume roads, parking lots, railroad yards, etc., throughout industrial, mining, military, private and public market sectors.

The application rates are all weather dependent, the Global-PPE Anti-Icing approach will use 75% less than a DE-Icing approach after snow and ice has formed. Basic recommendations as an Anti-Ice are 50 gallons of Global-PPE per acre. Some situations may require multiple applications per season, however we have found that Global-PPE will go farther than other Icing products. Global-PPE is applied in a non-dilute application and is dark in color.

When used in mining conditions at high altitude it will allow for year around icing protection. The added benefits due to our inert ingredients is it is also a dust palliative! The PPE will remain in the surface and provide for dust control of the haul roads. This is an important consideration in cold temperature dust abatement due to water freezing and then icing to make the surface even more dangerous.

We also have found that using Global-PPE in industrial and non-industrial, (communities) such as ski resorts or private communities the slip and fall accidents will be reduced significantly due to the longevity of the applications performance.

The snow removal maintenance frequencies are also significantly reduced, leading to additional financial add backs to the snow removal budgets.