Brownfield Site Remediation and Mine Tailing Cleanup

Earthbind® Stabilizer: A Game-Changer for Brownfield Site Remediation and Mine Tailing Remediation

Brownfield sites, once contaminated by hazardous substances like oil, gas, chemicals, or metals, pose significant risks to both the environment and human health. Traditional remediation methods are often expensive, time-consuming, and disruptive. But what if there were a better way? Enter Earthbind® Stabilizer, a revolutionary solution that transforms contaminated land into safe, stable ground for future use.

How Earthbind® Stabilizer Works

Earthbind® Stabilizer is a liquid polymer emulsion specifically designed for brownfield site remediation. Here’s how it works:

  1. Excavation: First, the contaminated site is excavated to the desired depth for construction or light-duty use.
  2. Processing: The excavated materials are processed using an onsite crusher to reduce them to a 1-inch minus size.
  3. Stabilization: Earthbind® Stabilizer is then injected into the materials using a computerized pug mill or applied in lifts using a mechanical rotary mixer.
  4. Matrix Formation: The polymer molecules cross-link with each other and with soil particles, creating a strong and durable matrix. This matrix encapsulates contaminants, preventing them from leaching out.
  5. Enhanced Properties: Earthbind® Stabilizer improves soil properties such as strength, stability, and water resistance.

Benefits of Earthbind® Stabilizer

  1. Cost Savings: By eliminating the need to transport and dispose of contaminated materials, Earthbind® Stabilizer reduces remediation costs by up to 90%.
  2. Time Efficiency: Remediation time is cut by up to 80%, thanks to faster processing and placement of treated materials.
  3. Environmental Impact: Earthbind® Stabilizer minimizes greenhouse gas emissions, fuel consumption, and contaminant migration. It also preserves natural resources by reusing existing materials.

Mine Tailing Remediation

Mine tailings, a byproduct of mining operations, often contain hazardous substances. Earthbind® Stabilizer can be effectively used for mine tailing remediation. The process involves:

  1. Processing: The “1 minus mine tailings” are treated with Earthbind® Stabilizer.
  2. Application: EBS-RA (Earthbind® Stabilizer with Rapid Activation) is injected into the mixing chamber using a computerized pug mill or applied in lifts using a mechanical rotary mixer.
  3. Compaction: The treated materials are compacted to create a stable surface.

Learn More

For detailed information and case studies, explore the Marshall Stability Testing Report1. Contact us today to discover how Earthbind® Stabilizer can transform brownfield sites and mine tailings into safe, usable land.