Earthbind® Water Truck Application Protocols

The following are the application protocols for the water truck:

  • Pre water the areas to be treated to reduce the powder and allow for the water on the surface to dry before applying the Earthbind® u2122-100. Do not apply on wet surface or a dry powder surface.
  • Fill the 4000 gallon water truck to the 75% level, then add 1-330 gallon tote. Then fill the water truck to the fill mark slowly so you do not have foaming at the top.
  • Apply the Earthbind® u2122 to the surface, and as soon as it begins to run off speed up until the surface is saturated just prior to run off. Generally we find that 4-5 mph is a good speed. Check all nozzles occasionally to be sure none are plugged. Use rubber gloves when cleaning nozzles. This is a non haz-mat product and will not harm workers, see attached SDS.
  • Be sure the throttle speed is constant if the truck has a PTO pump since the increase or decrease in speed throttle will affect the pressure and coverage. We recommend installing a manual throttle control to the cab that can be set to the desired speed, if the truck has a PTO, which most have. A good operator can keep the pressure/throttle constant if not, install the manual control.
  • You will be spraying a 12’ wide area, so on the 24’ wide roads, I suggest the first pass is staying close to one side or the other so the second pass will fit into the 24’ wide roads. On the narrower roads simply make a center pass. You can also plug the outside nozzles if you find a narrow pass is required.
  • I would like to see the loaders/traffic stay off for an hour before entering so it has a chance to dry into the surface. If the tires pick up the material then wait until it does not.
  • Touch up the areas that have the most traffic such as tight turns, etc. as needed.
  • You can re-activate the Earthbind® u2122-100 with water occaisionally to conserve the Earthbind® u2122-100 to be used as needed when re-application may be needed.
  • You have a 2” Female Adapter/camlock fitting, a schedule 80 nipple and a 90 degree threaded elbow which will turn the flow down into the water truck when loading the truck with product.
  • Remove top screw on cap before opening bottom ball valve to keep the tote from collapsing when draining into truck.
  • Set spray bar height to 10-12” above road surface.
    Ideally two passes a few days apart will apply the needed material to hold the dust down, start with one pass and see how it works for you.
  • Be proactive with your applications, stay ahead of the dust reoccurring.

As a dust palliative Earthbind® 100 provides:

  • Superior dust cohesion and suppression
  • Efficient dust control under a variety of conditions
  • Excellent penetration of a road surface without pre-watering
  • Applies quickly without road closures using a water truck or pressurized distributor truck
  • Easily washes off of equipment and vehicles before curing

All components of Earthbind® are considered:

  • Free of hazardous solvents
  • Non-flammable
  • Non-corrosive to metal
  • Non-hazardous waste
  • Not considered to be harmful to aquatic and mammal life
  • Not considered to be carcinogenic